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Heinrich Ancker

Heinrich Ancker


Branch: Kaiserliche Marine / Kriegsmarine
Born: 7 October 1886 in Memel, Germany.
Died: 15 May 1960 in Hamburg , Germany.

Vizeadmiral 1 November 1940
Konteradmiral 1 October 1936
Kapitän zur See 1 October 1932
Fregattenkapitän 28 September 1927
Korvettenkapitän 1 May 1925
Leutnant zur See 19 September 1912
Oberfähnrich zur See
Fähnrich zur See

Iron Cross 1st Class in 1914
Iron Cross 2nd Class in 1914
Naval Wound Badge in Black

Takes command on 1934
Ends command on 1936

Personal Information:

Heinrich Ancker was born in Memel, Germany on 7 October 1886 and on 1 April 1906, joined the Imperial Navy as a cadet Heinrich Ancker completed his training aboard SMS Stone, ships, in which Heinrich Ancker served aboard
Battleship SMS Mecklenburg 1 October 1908
Destroyer SMS G 175
SMS Homeland 1912
Heavy cruiser SMS Gneisenau
Light cruiser SMS Hamburg 1 October 1921
Light cruiser SMS Nymph

On 31 August 1942 Heinrich Ancker was dismissed from the Kriegsmarine, but on 1 September 1942 Heinrich was appointed Reich Commissioner for maritime court. Of Hamburg and maintains its position until 20 February 1945.


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