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Anselm Franz

Anselm Franz


Branch: Civilian
Born: 21 January 1900 in Schladming, Austria.
Died: 18 November 1994 in

Junkers Flugzeug 1936


Personal Information:

Dr. Anselm Franz was born in Schladming, Austria on 21 January 1900 and became a German engineer during World War II his most notable achievement was the development of the Jumo 004 jet engine, which was the first to be put into mass production.

Anselm Franz went to the technical University of Graz where he studied mechanical engineering, upon leaving the technical University of Graz Anselm went on to study at the University of Berlin, where he attained a doctoral degree.

Anselm worked as a design engineer for a company in Berlin, at which time he developed hydraulic torque converters.

Sometime in 1936 Anselm Franz went on to join Junkers one of his first appointments within Junkers was to head the development department of superchargers and turbochargers.

In 1939, Junkers decided to set up a jet engine department headed by Anselm Franz who of course took several employees from superchargers and turbochargers department. Anselm took a completely different route from Heinkel, who used centrifugal compressor, whereas Junkers used axial compressor.

The first experimental Junkers Jumo 004A was tested in early 1940 and throughout 1941. The engine was used on Bf 110 on 15 March 1942 and later went on to power the Me 262.

Dr. Anselm Franz was relocated to the United States. After World War II, as part of Operation Paperclip.


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