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Bernhard Heinrich Karl Martin von Bülow

Bernhard Heinrich Karl Martin von Bülow


Branch: Government
Born: 3 May 1849 in Klein-Flottbeck, Holstein.
Died: 28 October 1929 in Rome

Chancellor of Germany 16 October 1902 to 13 July 1909
Minister-President of Prussia 1900 to 1909
Secretaries of State for Foreign Affairs of German Empire 1897 to 1900
Foreign Minister of Prussia 1897 to 1909


Personal Information:

Bernhard Heinrich Martin, Prince von Bulow, was born at Klein-Flottbeck, Holstein, May 3rd, 1849. He was educated at the universities of Lausanne, Leipzig, and Berlin, and entered the army in 1870. He took part in the Franco-Prussian war, 1870-71. He joined the diplomatic service in 1873, served as junior secretary in the embassies at St Petersburg and Vienna and was one of the officials of the Congress of Berlin in 1878. Bulow was first secretary of Paris, 1878-84 at St Petersburg, 1884-88, minister at Bucharest, 1893, and ambassador at Rome, 1893-97. From 1897-1900 he was foreign secretary and in October 1900 was appointed chancellor and president of the Prussian Ministry in succession to Prince Hohenlobe. He was made prince of the German Empire in 1905 and retired from the chancellorship in 1909. In December 1914 he was sent to Rome as an ambassador but failed in his efforts to prevent the entry of Italy into the Great War. His Imperial Germany, translated into English by M.A. Lewenz, 1914 (revised edition, 1916) is a defence of the policy of Germany and contains his theories of autocratic rule and popular submission to authority. He died October 28th 1929.


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