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Eugen Meindl

Eugen Meindl


Branch: Kaiserliche Heer / Reichsheer / Luftwaffe
Born: 16 July 1892 in Grand Duchy of Baden near Donaueschingen, Germany.
Died: 24 January 1951 in Munich, Germany.

General der Fallschirmtruppe

Iron Cross 1914
1st Class 17 January 1916
2nd Class 18 July 1915
Clasp to the Iron Cross 1939
1st Class 10 June 1940
2nd Class 22 October 1939
Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords
Knight's Cross 14 June 1941
Wound Badge in Black
Kret Cuffband
German Cross in Gold 27 July 1942
Oak Leaves 31 August 1944
Swords 8 May 1945


Personal Information:

Eugen Meindl was born on 16 July 1892 and went on to become a highly decorated German Fallschirmjäger and General der Fallschirmtruppe during the Second World War. Eugen Meindl was born in Grand Duchy of Baden near Donaueschingen, Germany. Eugen Meindl served with the artillery from 27 July 1912. During the First World War Eugen Meindl commanded a platoon and later a battery and later on served as adjutant with the 67th Artillery Regiment and with the Artillery commandant, 52nd Corps.

Eugen Meindl served with assorted artillery units in the Reichswehr armed forces. Eugen Meindl was promoted at to Hauptmann on 1 August 1924, Eugen Meindl was appointed to the Reichwehr Ministry on 14 September 1926 and spent the ten years there before being elevated to Major.

On 10 November 1939 Oberstleutnant Eugen Meindl was commandant of the 112th Mountain Artillery Regiment in Graz. Whilst an Oberst Eugen Meindl led the Group Meindl and made his very first parachute jump at Narvik. Eugen Meindl transferred to the German Luftwaffe on 28 November 1940, even though Eugen Meindl had been commandant of the Assault Regiment Meindl of the Fallschirmtruppe since 9 August 1940.

The airborne invasion of Crete saw Eugen Meindl jump near the Platanias Bridge, where he was shot through the chest. Major Edgar Stentzler commanded the regiment until Oberst Hermann-Bernhard Ramcke came.

On 26 February 1942 Generalmajor Eugen Meindl became commandant of the newly formed Luftwaffe Division Meindl in Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic and on 26 September Eugen Meindl took over XIII. Fliegerkorp.

Eugen Meindl distinguished himself in the winter fighting in Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, was named in the Wehrmachtbericht and on 5 November 1943 was promoted to commandant II Fallschirmkorps, which Eugen Meindl led in the west on the invasion front and later at Cleves and in the Reichswald. Meindl's corps fought with distinction at Goch and in the Wesel bridgehead. Meindl was taken captive and held till 29 September 1947.

Eugen Meindl passed away in Munich, Germany on 24 January 1951.


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