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Franz Ferdinand

Franz Ferdinand


Branch: Archduke
Born: 18 December 1863 in Graz, Austrian Empire.
Died: 28 June 1914 in Sarajevo, Austria-Hungary

Archduke of Austria-Este
Also Francis V as Duke of Modena


Personal Information:

Francis Ferdinand, a son of the Archduke Charles Louis and a nephew of the emperor Franz Joseph, was born at Graz, 18 December 1863. After inheriting, in 1875, the wealth of the house of Hapsburg-Este, formerly dukes of Modena, he became, by the death of his cousin, the crown prince Rudolph, in 1889, heir apparent to the crown of Austria-Hungary.

On his morganatic marriage in 1900 to the countess Sophia Chotek, who was created Princess of Hohenberg, Francis Ferdinand renounced for the children the right of succession, but his own position remained, and for the next 14 years Francis Ferdinand was one of the directors of the policy of Austria-Hungary.

Francis Ferdinand was on a tour in Bosnia when he was assassinated at Serajevo, 28 June 1914.


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