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Frederick William Victor Augustus Ernest

Frederick William Victor Augustus Ernest


Branch: Government
Born: 6 May 1882 in Potsdam, Brandenburg, Germany.
Died: 20 July 1951 in Hechingen, Germany.

Head of the House of Hohenzollern from 4 June 1941 to 20 July 1951


Personal Information:

Frederick Wilhelm, eldest of son of Wilhelm II, was born May 6 1882 and in 1888 and on his father's accession, became the crown prince. Frederick Wilhelm was educated for the throne, served in the army, and was loaded with honours.

When the great war broke out Frederick Wilhelm was given a high command was nominally the head of a group of armies on the west front. Frederick Wilhelm did not in any way distinguish himself although from time to time his name was mentioned in official accounts of victories.

On the collapse of Germany in 1918 the crown prince associated himself with his father's abdication and took refuge in Holland.

In 1903 Frederick Wilhelm married Cecile, duchess of Mecklenburg they had a family of four sons and a daughter. Frederick Wilhelm published his Memoirs in 1922.


Other: Personnel


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