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Friedrich Ebert

Friedrich Ebert


Branch: Government
Born: 4 February 1871 in Heidelberg.
Died: 28 February 1925 in

1st President of Germany 9 November 1918 to 28th of February 1925
9th Chancellor of the German Empire


Personal Information:

Friedrich Ebert was born on 4 February 1871 in Heidelberg and was educated at an elementary school, and was apprenticed to a saddler of that town. In 1892 he became editor of the Socialist organ, Bremer Bürger-Zeitung, and in 1894, married Louise Kamp, who is said, proved his best councillor throughout his career.

In the Revolution of 1918. He succeeded Prince Maximilian of Baden, as Chancellor on 9 November 1918, and then became provisional president of Germany. He maintained his position through the stormy days of January 1919, and at the opening of the new national assembly at Weimar 6 February 1919, he made a long protest against the Armistice terms, and urged the union of German Austria, with Germany. Am 11 February 1919, Friedrich Ebert was elected first president of the German Republic. He died 28 February 1925.


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