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Friedrich Fromm

Friedrich Fromm


Branch: Kaiserliche Heer / Heer
Born: 8 October 1888 in Charlottenburg, Berlin, Germany.
Died: 12 March 1945 in Brandenburg an der Havel, Germany.

Generaloberst 19 July 1940
General der Artillerie 20 April 1939
Generalleutnant 1 January 1938
Generalmajor 1 November 1935
Oberst 1 February 1933
Oberstleutnant 1 April 1931
Major 1 March 1927
Hauptmann 18 April 1916
Oberleutnant 28 November 1914
Leutnant 18 May 1908

Iron Cross 1914
2nd Class
1st Class
Wound Badge 1914
Hanseatic Cross of Hamburg
Cross of Honor
Anschluss Medal
Sudetenland Medal with Prague Castle Bar
Memel Medal
Iron Cross 1939
2nd Class
1st Class
Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross on 6 July 1940


Personal Information:

Friedrich Fromm was born on 8 October 1888 in Charlottenburg, Berlin, Germany and became a German army officer. Friedrich Fromm was also a recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross. In World War Two, Friedrich Fromm was Commander in Chief of the Reserve Army (Ersatzheer), in charge of training and personnel replacement for the German Army, a position Friedrich Fromm occupied for most of the war.

Though Friedrich Fromm was aware that some of his subordinates most notably Claus von Stauffenberg, his Chief of Staff were planning an assassination attempt against Adolf Hitler, he remained quiet. When the plot failed, Friedrich Fromm immediately had the conspirators executed (against Adolf Hitler's orders to take the conspirators alive) to cover up potential allegations that Friedrich Fromm himself was involved. However, these actions did not save him.

Friedrich Fromm was discharged from the German Army on 14 September 1944. The civilian Friedrich Fromm was sentenced to death and considered unworthy for military duty by the Volksgerichtshof on 7 March 1945. Since the court failed to prove a direct association with the 20 July plotters, Friedrich Fromm had been charged and convicted for cowardice before the enemy. The loss of his worthiness for military service led to a permanent loss of all honours, ranks and orders. On 12 March 1945, Friedrich Fromm was executed at the Brandenburg-Görden Prison by firing squad as part of the post-conspiracy purge. His last words before the firing squad were reported to be I die, because it was ordered. I had always wanted only the best for Germany.


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