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Fritz Gosslau


Branch: Civilian
Born: 25 March 1898 in Berlin, Germany.
Died: 1 December 1965 in Grünwald, Bavaria, Germany.

Technical University of Berlin
Argus Motoren


Personal Information:

Fritz Gosslau was a German engineer and participated in the V-1 flying bomb project during World War II. Fritz Gosslau managed to attain a diploma from Technical University of Berlin in 1923. He continued his education and managed to get his PhD on the topic of computational and experimental studies on thermal management and performance improvement in air-cooled aircraft engine cylinders.

Fritz Gosslau worked for Siemens during the 1930s on aircraft engines until Siemens discontinued manufacturing aircraft engines at this point in time Fritz moved to Argus Motoren and became part of a team that designed and developed Argus As 410 and Argus As 411 aircraft engines.

In 1937 Fritz Gosslau put forward development proposals for unmanned remote missiles for military use.

Fritz Gosslau with Argus Motoren joined forces with Fieseler Flugzeugbau in a joint venture that was to become V-1 flying bomb which was originally designated Fi 103 it was while working on the V-1 flying bomb project that Fritz met Robert Lusser.


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