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Georg-Hans Reinhardt

Georg-Hans Reinhardt


Branch: Kaiserliche Heer / Reichsheer / Heer
Born: 1 March 1887 in Bautzen, Saxony, Germany.
Died: 22 November 1963 in Tegernsee, Bavaria Germany.

Generaloberst 1 January 1942
General der Panzertruppe 1 June 1940
Generalleutnant 1 October 1939
Generalmajor 1 April 1937
Oberst 1 February 1934
Oberstleutnant 1 October 1931
Hauptmann 18 April 1916
Leutnant 14 August 1908

Iron Cross 1914
2nd Class 14 September 1914
1st Class 8 August 1915
Knight's Cross of the Royal House Order of Hohenzollern with Swords
Cross of Honor
Sudetenland Medal with Prague Castle Bar
Iron Cross 1939
2nd Class 21 September 1939
1st Class 2 October 1939
Wound Badge in Black 1939
Eastern Front Medal
Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross
Knight's Cross 27 October 1939
Oak Leaves 17 February 1942
Swords 26 May 1944

4. Panzer-Division
Takes command on 1 September 1939
Ends command on 5 February 1940

3. Panzerarmee
Takes command on 5 October 1941
Ends command on 15 August 1944

Heeresgruppe Mitte
Takes command on 16 August 1944
Ends command on 1945

Personal Information:

Georg-Hans Reinhardt was born on 1 March 1887 and became a German Generaloberst of World War II. Georg-Hans Reinhardt was commandant of 4. Panzer-Division (4th Panzer Division) from 1939 to 1940, 3. Panzerarmee (3rd Panzer Army) from 1941 to 1944, and commandant of Heeresgruppe Mitte (Army Group Centre) in 1944 and 1945. Georg-Hans Reinhardt was born in Bautzen, Saxony, Germany and fought during the First World War in an infantry regiment.

Georg-Hans Reinhardt was Commandant of the 4. Panzer-Division (4th Panzer Division) during the Polish campaign of September 1939. 4. Panzer-Division (4th Panzer Division) was at first beat back in the two day battle of Mokra and Ostrowy on 1-2 September, but pushed through the Polish defences near Czestochowa. 4. Panzer-Division (4th Panzer Division) then advanced to the outskirts of Warsaw, capital of Poland by 8 September the first German force to reach the city. 4. Panzer-Division (4th Panzer Division) the first unsupported attack on the Warsaw failed, and the division was redeployed to help in the Battle of the Bzura to the west.

After the Polish campaign, Georg-Hans Reinhardt was awarded the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross and promoted to General der Panzertruppe.

During the Battle of France, Georg-Hans Reinhardt was commandant of the XXXXI Panzerkorps, which was one of the three Panzerkorps that pushed through the Ardennes and drove west to the sea in May. For this success, Georg-Hans Reinhardt was promoted to General der Panzertruppe on 1 June 1940.

Georg-Hans Reinhardt and XXXXI Panzerkorps (XLI Panzer Corps)were assigned to take part in Operation Sea Lion, the projected invasion of Great Britain. Georg-Hans Reinhardt's force was to be in the first landing wave. Nevertheless, Operation Sea Lion never happened.

During 1941, Georg-Hans Reinhardt and XXXXI Panzerkorps (XLI Panzer Corps)were deployed on the Eastern Front for Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of the Russia in June. Georg-Hans Reinhardt force led the advance of Heeresgruppe Nord (Army Group North) in October to the very outskirts of Leningrad.

In October Georg-Hans Reinhardt was given command of 3. Panzerarmee (3rd Panzer Army) in Heeresgruppe Mitte (Army Group Centre). 3. Panzerarmee (3rd Panzer Army) then joined in the attack on Moscow, capital of the soviet union. Although the initial attack was successful, the attack bogged down in mud, and was stopped in December by extreme cold and Russian reserves just outside the city. 3. Panzerarmee (3rd Panzer Army) was repulsed by Russian counterattacks during the winter of 1941 to 1942, but Georg-Hans Reinhardt was awarded Oak Leaves to his Knight's Cross for his skilful defensive operations.

Early in 1942 until June 1944, 3. Panzerarmee (3rd Panzer Army) held its ground around Vitebsk and Smolensk, repulsing most Russian attacks and retreating only a short distance in 1943. On 26 May 1944, Georg-Hans Reinhardt was awarded Swords to his Knight's Cross for these relative success.

By June 1944, 3. Panzerarmee (3rd Panzer Army) and the rest of Heeresgruppe Mitte (Army Group Centre) were broken by a huge Russian attacks and pushed back into Poland and East Prussia.

During 16 August 1944, Georg-Hans Reinhardt was given command of Heeresgruppe Mitte (Army Group Centre). And in December, the Russians renewed their attacks and drove Heeresgruppe Mitte (Army Group Centre) out of Poland and back into northern Prussia. Georg-Hans Reinhardt's broken forces could not stop these overwhelming attacks, and this caused quarrels with Adolf Hitler. Georg-Hans Reinhardt retired from active duty in January 1945.

During June 1945, Georg-Hans Reinhardt was arrested by the U. S. Army as a war criminal. In 1947, Georg-Hans Reinhardt and 13 other top German commandants were tried before a United States Military court in Nuremberg. Georg-Hans Reinhardt was found guilty of murder and maltreatment of POWs, and of murder, deportation, and hostagetaking of civilians in occupied territories. Georg-Hans Reinhardt was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment, but was released in 1952.


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