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Gerhard Herbert Richard Reisig


Branch: Civilian
Born 3 March 1910 in Leipzig, Germany.
Died: 9 March 2005 in Moorhead, Minnesota.

Dresden University of technology space 1934
Siemens 1935


Personal Information:

Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Reisig was a German engineer who participated in the V-2 rocket program during World War II. Gerhard Reisig attended Dresden University of technology and achieved his doctorate in 1934, when he left Dresden University. He was employed by Siemens AG from 1935 until 1937, at which time he was acquired by Wernher von Braun to work at the secret research station of Kummersdorf just south of Berlin. At Kummersdorf Gerhard headed the research division of measurement. Later in 1937 Gerhard Reisig was assigned to manage the test launching of Aggregate 3 (A-3) at Peenemünde.

Gerhard Reisig also worked on the development of Aggregate 5 (A-5) which was a scaled down version of the Aggregate 4 (A-4) V-2 rocket.

Sometime in 1943 Gerhard was assigned to the Wasserfall missile project which was essentially an anti-aircraft development of the Aggregate 4 (A-4) V-2 rocket.

Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Reisig was relocated to the United States. After World War II, as part of Operation Paperclip.


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