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Hanna Reitsch

Hanna Reitsch


Branch: Civilian
Born: 29 March 1912 in Hirschberg, Silesia.
Died: 24 August 1979 in Frankfurt, Germany.

Hornberg in Baden-Württemberg

Iron Cross 1st Class in
Iron Cross 2nd Class in
Combined Pilots-Observation Badge

Personal Information:

Hanna Reitsch was born in Hirschberg, Silesia on 29 March 1912 and became a famous aviator and test pilot. During World War II. Hanna Reitsch father was an ophthalmologist, who wanted and encouraged Hanna to become a doctor. Hanna was fascinated with aviation and decided she would become a flying doctor and started to study medicine.

However, in 1932 Hanna Reitsch began flying in gliders during this time she met Wolf Hirth who encouraged her to become a full-time glider pilot and instructor at Hornberg in Baden-Württemberg. It wasn't long before Hanna was attaining world records as a glider pilot and won a number of awards.

Hanna Reitsch was in 1937 posted to the Luftwaffe's secret testing centre at Rechlin-Lärz under the instruction of Ernst Udet in this position she went on to test the Ju 87 and Do 17. During this time Hanna also flew Fa 61 and became the first woman to fly a helicopter and made nightly flights inside the Deutschlandhalle in Berlin.

During the course of the war Hanna test flew many new prototype aircraft including Me 163 Komet, V-1 flying bomb.


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