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Hans Feldbausch

Hans Feldbausch


Branch: Kaiserliche Marine / Kriegsmarine
Born: 5 October 1891 in Edenkoben.
Died: 20 October 1985 in Hamburg.

Konteradmiral 1 June 1940
Kapitän zur See 1 April 1936
Fregattenkapitän 1 October 1934
Korvettenkapitän 1 April 1929
Kapitänleutnant 1 January 1921
Oberleutnant zur See 22 March 1916
Leutnant zur See 27 September 1913
Oberfähnrich zur See
Fähnrich zur See 15 April 1911

Iron Cross 1914 First and Second Class
Bavarian Military Merit IV Class with Swords
Friedrich August-Kreuz II Class
Mecidiye-order IV Class
Liakat silver medal with swords
Iron Half Moon

Schleswig Holstein
Takes command on 1937
Ends command on 1938

Personal Information:

Hans Feldbausch was born on 5 October 1891 in Edenkoben and was a serving member of the Kriegsmarine during World War II and managed to attain the rank of Konteradmiral and went on to command the following Schleswig Holstein.

Hans Feldbausch joined Kaiserliche Marine as a Seekadett on 1 April 1910 and went to the naval school in Mürwik and continued his training on board heavy cruiser Freya during this time, he was promoted to the rank of Fähnrich zur See.

Hans Feldbausch was given command of the pre-dreadnought Schleswig Holstein on the 15 May 1937 until June 1938.


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