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Helmut Gröttrup


Branch: Civilian
Born: 12 February 1916 in Köln, Germany.
Died: 5 July 1981 in München, Germany.



Personal Information:

Helmut Gröttrup was born on 12 February 1916 in Köln, Germany and was a German electrical engineer during World War II, and participated in the Aggregate 4 (A-4) V-2 rocket program.

Helmut Gröttrup helped Wernher von Braun design, the guidance and control systems for the Aggregate 4 (A-4) V-2 rocket program at the Army research Centre Peenemünde

On 14/15 March 1944 Helmut Gröttrup, Wernher von Braun, Magnus von Braun, and Walter Riedel were arrested and held at the Gestapo prison (Polizei Präsidium) in Stettin however they were later released.

After World War II Helmut Gröttrup turned down, the American offer to continue his work within rocket science, because it did not want to leave his family. However Helmut did work for the Russians missile program.


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