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Johann Heinrich Graf von Bernstorff

Johann Heinrich Graf von Bernstorff


Branch: Government
Born: 14 November 1862 in London, United Kingdom.
Died: 6 October 1939 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Reichstag 1921 to 1928


Personal Information:

Johann Heinrich Graf von Bernstorff was born in London, November 4th, 1862. He entered the German army in 1881, but joined the diplomatic service in 1889. Appointed attache to Constantinople he proceeded in 1892 to Belgrade as secretary of legation and subsequently held positions in the embassies at St Petersburg and London. In 1908 he was appointed ambassador to the U.S.A. and he held that post until February 1917 when he was given his passports by President Wilson, on the rupture of diplomatic relations between America and Germany. After returning to Germany he went to Constantinople as ambassador and in 1919 was one of those who discussed the terms of the peace presented by the Allies. He was liberal member of the German Parliament 1921-28.


Other: Personnel


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