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Karl von Puttkamer

Karl von Puttkamer


Branch: Kaiserliche Marine / Reichsmarine / Kriegsmarine
Born: 24 March 1900 in Frankfurt, Germany.
Died: 4 March 1981 in Munich, Germany.

Konteradmiral 1 September 1943
Kapitän zur See 1 April 1941
Fregattenkapitän 1 November 1939
Korvettenkapitän 1 February 1936
Kapitänleutnant 1 October 1930
Oberleutnant zur See 1 May 1923
Leutnant zur See 1 January 1921
Oberfähnrich zur See
Fähnrich zur See 23 May 1918

Wound Badge 20 July 1944

Takes command on 29 September 1928
Ends command on 24 September 1930

Takes command on 15 October 1930
Ends command on 2 January 1931

Hans Lody
Takes command on 17 September 1938
Ends command on 22 August 1939

Personal Information:

Karl von Puttkamer was born on 24 March 1900 in Frankfurt, Germany and was a serving member of the Kriegsmarine during World War II and managed to attain the rank of Konteradmiral and went on to command the following Albatros, Seeadler and Hans Lody (Z10).

Karl von Puttkamer joined the German Kaiserliche Marine as an officer cadet in 1917 and served on a heavy cruiser Freya in the First World War.

After the armistice Karl von Puttkamer joined the Freikorps. Karl von Puttkamer then went back into naval service with the Reichsmarine and trained at the Naval Academy Mürwik. In the 1920s Karl von Puttkamer served on torpedo boats and Karl von Puttkamer was given his first command Albatros on 29 September 1928. By 1933 to 1935 Karl von Puttkamer was a naval liaison officer at the General Staff of the Army and Karl von Puttkamer was then appointed naval liaison officer to the Reich Chancellor.

Directly prior to the outbreak of Second World War Karl von Puttkamer was the captain of a Hans Lody (Z10). Karl von Puttkamer then returned to the role of naval liaison officer to the Reich Chancellor and in September 1943 he was promoted to Konteradmiral. Karl von Puttkamer was wounded on 20 July 1944 when the bomb detonated during the attempted Plot to kill Adolf Hitler and was awarded the Wound Badge on 20 July 1944.

On 20 April 1945, Adolf Hitler told his staff, the state of affairs during the last couple of days things have changed to so much that I'm forced to reduce my staff. Karl von Puttkamer was ordered by Adolf Hitler to leave the Berlin Führerbunker. On 23 April, Karl von Puttkamer and several others were whisked away by aircraft to the Obersalzberg. Karl von Puttkamer was ordered to the Berghof to destroy Adolf Hitler,s documents there. Consequently, Karl von Puttkamer wasn't with Adolf Hitler during his last few days in the Führerbunker. Following the German capitulation on 8 May 1945, Karl von Puttkamer was held in captivity until May 1947.

Karl von Puttkamer passed away aged 80 in Munich, Germany.


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