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Klaus Riedel

Klaus Riedel


Branch: Civilian
Born: 2 August 1907 in Wilhelmshaven, Germany.
Died: 4 August 1944

Technical University of Berlin
Verein für Raumschiffahrt


Personal Information:

Klaus Riedel was a German engineer during World War II, and participated in the Aggregate 4 (A-4) V-2 rocket program. Klaus was born in Wilhelmshaven in Germany in 1907 and was the son of a naval officer. Klaus Riedel attended the Technical University of Berlin and became a qualified machinist, whilst studying in Berlin Klaus attended a lecture on rocketry by Rudolf Nebel who was a member of Verein für Raumschiffahrt (Spaceflight Society) Klaus Riedel was so interested in what was being said at the lecture that he immediately joined the group. Klaus put an enormous amount of time and energy into the group evening allowing the use of his family's property to be used as a testing ground. However, these endeavours paid off with the Mirak and Repulsor rockets.

Some time in 1933 Verein für Raumschiffahrt (Spaceflight Society) disbanded and Klaus Riedel became involved with Wernher von Braun and ended up as head of the test Laboratory, Klaus contribution to the Aggregate 4 (A-4) V-2 rocket program was in developing mobile support equipment.


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