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Kurt Eisner


Branch: Government
Born: 14 May 1867 in Berlin, Kingdom of Prussia.
Died: 21 February 1919 in Munich, Free State of Bavaria.

Minister President of Bavaria 1918 to 1919


Personal Information:

Kurt Eisner was born on 14 May 1867 in Berlin, Kingdom of Prussia and he was of Galician Jewish origin. Joining the Socialists, he became associate editor of their organ Vorwärts. When the Great War broke out. He joined his party in supporting it, but before the end he was one of the South German leaders who opposed the Kaiser.

In January 1918 he was prosecuted at Munich for inciting munition workers to strike, but was released on the ground that he was a candidate for the Reichstag. On the outbreak of the revolution he himself took the position of prime minister and minister of foreign affairs, and later that first president of the Bavarian republic.

He sought to separate Bavaria, from the other German states, and to make separate peace arrangements with the allies, but without success. He made himself extremely unpopular, on account of his revelations as to the origin of the war, and because at an international socialist conference at Berne, he had urged the German delegates to make a clean breast of Germany's war guilt.

He was assassinated on 21 February 1919 in Munich, Free State of Bavaria, Count Arco whilst on his way to open a conference. His collected Writings, two volumes appeared in 1920.


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