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Ottokar (Theobald Otto Maria) Graf Czernin von und zu Chudenitz

Ottokar (Theobald Otto Maria) Graf Czernin von und zu Chudenitz


Branch: Government
Born: 26 September 1872 in Dimokur, Austria-Hungary (now Czech Republic)
Died: 4 April 1932 in Vienna, Austria.

Austro-Hungarian Minister to Romania, 25 October 1913 to 27 August 1916


Personal Information:

Ottokar, Count Czernin was born in 1872. During the Great War, Czernin was Austro-Hungarian minister at Bukarest (where he became unpopular at home by hinting at concessions in Transvylvania) until Rumania joined the Allies in August 1916. At Brest-Litovsk he was the principal Austrian delegate having in December 1917 succeeded Burian as foreign minister of the dual monarchy, holding that position until April 15th 1918. His resignation was necessary after the speech in which he stated that Clemenceau had made offers of peace before the great German offensive opened on March 21. Clemenceau retorted that Czernin had lied and the emperor Karl found Czernin's dismissal inevitable. In January 1918 he had made a fairly moderate speech on the war in the course of which he referred specifically to the famous Fourteen points. President Wilson, speaking in reply, commented on the difference between the tone of the speech and that of one delivered simultaneously by the spokesman of Germany. Czernin published his reminiscences in 1919 under the title (English translation) In the world War. He died April 4th 1932.


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