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Rupprecht Maria Luitpold Ferdinand

Rupprecht Maria Luitpold Ferdinand


Branch: Government
Born: 18 May 1869 in Munich,, Bavaria.
Died: 2 August 1955 in Schloß Leutstetten, Starnberg, Bavaria.

Crown Prince of Bavaria


Personal Information:

Rupprecht Ferdinand, prince of Bavaria and German general, was the eldest son of Louis III, king of Bavaria, and the archduchess Maria Theresa of Austria-Este. Rupprecht Ferdinand was born at Munich, May 18, 1869 and entered the German army as a subaltern in a Bavarian regiment in 1886.

In 1906 Rupprecht Ferdinand was head of the 1st Bavarian army corps and in 1913 was made an inspector general. Rupprecht Ferdinand commanded the German army 6th army in Lorraine in August-September 1914. In October Rupprecht Ferdinand was put at the head of the German forces operating on the Lys in connection with the first battle of Ypres. Later Rupprecht Ferdinand held the German line from Ypres to Arras and took part in many battles, chiefly against the British in that area. In 1917 Rupprecht Ferdinand held the front room to the Oise to the sea. In 1918 Rupprecht Ferdinand commanded a group of armies and in November, 1918, on the declaration of a republic in Bavaria, shared the fate of the royal house. By the death of his father, King Louis III, October 18th, 1921, Rupprecht Ferdinand became the head of his family. His first wive having died, Rupprecht Ferdinand married in 1921 Princess Antonia of Luxembourg. Rupprecht Ferdinand wrote several books dealing with his life and war experiences. To the British, Rupprecht Ferdinand is interesting as a descendant of Charles I, and, according to legimitist ideas, the rightful British sovereign as head of the house of Stewart.


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