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Werner Hartmann

Werner Hartmann


Branch: Reichsmarine / Kriegsmarine
Born: 11 December 1902, Silstedt, Harz.
Died: 26 April 1963, Ussel, Waldeck.

Kapitän zur See 1 April 1943
Fregattenkapitän 1 April 1941
Korvettenkapitän 1 July 1937
Kapitänleutnant 1 October 1933
Oberleutnant zur See 1 July 1927
Leutnant zur See 1 October 1925
Fähnrich zur See 1 April 1923

Iron Cross 2nd Class, 8 November 1939
Iron Cross 1st Class, 8 November 1939
U-boat War Badge 1939, 7 December 1939
Knights Cross, 9 May 1940
Knights Cross with Oak Leaves, 5 November 1944

Takes command on
Ends command on

Takes command on
Ends command on

Takes command on 11 May 1936
Ends command on 30 September 1938

Takes command on 25 September 1939
Ends command on 6 May 1940

Takes command on 3 November 1942
Ends command on 15 January 1944

Personal Information:

Werner Hartmann was a German U-boat commander in World War II. He sank 26 ships, amounting to over 115,000 tons sunk, ranking him as the 25th most successful U-boat commander in the war.

Werner Hartmann began his naval career in 1923, and went on to serve as commander of the torpedo boats Seeadler and Albatros, before transferring to the U-boat arm in 1935. As commander of U-26 he patrolled Spanish waters during the Civil War in 1937 to 38 with Günther Prien as his 1.WO. From January to May 1940 Hartmann was commander of both U-37 and 2nd U-boat Flotilla, but directing U-boats while at sea proved inefficient, and the BdU (U-boat High Command) decided henceforth to direct the U-boats from land. After three patrols, and sinking 19 ships totalling 78,559 GRT, Hartmann received the Knight's Cross.

Hartmann then transferred to the BdU as a staff officer, and in November 1940 became commander of the 2nd ULD (U-boat Training Division). A year later he took command of the 27th U-boat Flotilla in Gotenhafen. In November 1942 he took command of the large IXD2 Type U-198 for a patrol to the Indian Ocean lasting 200 days, the third longest patrol ever undertaken, and sank 7 ships totalling 36,778 GRT. In 1944 Hartmann became FdU Mittelmeer (Commander of U-boats in the Mediterranean) and in this post received the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves.

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