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Wilhelm Rollmann

Wilhelm Rollmann


Branch: Reichsmarine / Kriegsmarine
Born: 5 August 1997 in Wilhelmshaven, Germany.
Died: 5 November 1943 in the South Atlantic.

Fregattenkapitän 1 November 1943
Korvettenkapitän 1 December 1940
Kapitänleutnant 1 April 1936
Oberleutnant zur See 1 October 1932
Leutnant zur See 1 October 1930
Fähnrich zur See 1 April 1928

Iron Cross 2nd Class 26 September 1939
U-boat War Badge 12 November 1939
Iron Cross 1st Class 7 February 1940
Knights Cross 31 July 1940

Takes command on 26 October 1938
Ends command on 28 September 1940

Takes command on 26 January 1943
Ends command on 26 January 1943

Takes command on 20 February 1943
Ends command on there 5 November 1943

Personal Information:

Wilhelm Rollmann was born on 5 August 1937 in Wilhelmshaven, Germany and attained the rank off Fregattenkapitän with the Kriegsmarine during World War II, in which he commanded the U-boats U-34, U-847 and U-848. He was a recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross.

Rollmann joined the Reichsmarine in April 1926, serving on several ships, including the light cruiser Karlsruhe. In May 1937 he transferred to the U-boat arm, taking command of the Type VIIA U-boat U-34 in October 1938. In seven successful combat patrols, he sank 19 merchant ships (including the neutral, clearly marked and fully lit, Greek merchantman Eleni Stathatou and the neutral Petsamo of Finland, with a cargo of maize, sailing from neutral Rosario to neutral Cork), as well as the British destroyer HMS Whirlwind, the submarine HMS Spearfish, and the Norwegian minelayer HNoMS Frøya. Rollmann left the U-boat in September 1940, and became an instructor in 2. Unterseeboots-Lehr-Division (2nd U-boat Training Division). In February 1943 he commissioned the Type IXD U-boat U-848, sinking one merchant ship on his first and only patrol, bringing his career total to 20 merchant ships sunk for a total of 96,562 GRT, three warships sunk (2,365 GRT) and two ships captured for a total of 4,957 GRT.

Wilhelm Rollmann and his entire crew were killed in action on 5 November 1943 when U-848 was sunk by depth charges from three Liberator and two Mitchell aircraft from the United States Navy Squadron VB-107 and the US Army 1st Composite Squadron south-west of Ascension Island.


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