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Adolf Lebrecht von Trotha

Adolf Lebrecht von Trotha


Branch: Kaiserliche Marine, Reichsmarine, Kriegsmarine
Born: 1 March 1868 in Koblenz, Germany.
Died: 11 October 1940 in Berlin, Germany.

Admiral 19 August 1939
Vizeadmiral 21 October 1919
Konteradmiral 17 December 1916
Kapitän zur See 7 May 1910
Fregattenkapitän 13 March 1909
Korvettenkapitän 9 August 1904
Kapitänleutnant 10 April 1899
Leutnant zur See 13 June 1891

Golden Party Badge of the NSDAP 1 March 1938

Takes command on 1893
Ends command on 1894

SMS Königsberg
Takes command on 1 December 1909
Ends command on 14 September 1910

SMS Kaiser
Takes command on 20 September 1913
Ends command on 28 January 1916

Personal Information:

Adolf Lebrecht von Trotha was born on 1 March 1868 in Koblenz, Germany. And his father was Karl von Trotha. Adolf von Trotha attended the Royal Grammar School of William in Berlin (Königliche Wilhelms-Gymnasium).

Adolf von Trotha started his career on the 1 April 1886 as a cadet with the Imperial Navy but soon rose through the ranks and became commander of the torpedo boat D3.

Adolf von Trotha got married on 4 June 1902 to Anna von Veltheim.

Adolf von Trotha died on 11 October 1940, a state funeral was held to honour him. Many high ranking officers and government officials, including Adolf Hitler attended.


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