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Adolf Strauß

Adolf Strauß


Branch: Kaiserliche Heer / Reichsheer / Heer
Born: 6 September 1879 in Scharmeke, Oschersleben, Germany
Died: 20 March 1973 in Lübeck, Germany

Generaloberst 19 July 1940
General der Infanterie 10 November 1938
Generalleutnant 1 April 1937
Generalmajor 1 December 1934
Oberst 1 April 1932
Oberstleutnant 1 May 1929
Major 1 January 1924
Oberleutnant 16 June 1910
Leutnant July 1901
Fähnrich 15 March 1898

Iron Cross 1914
2nd Class
1st Class
Royal House Order of Hohenzollern, Knight's Cross with Swords
Hanseatic Cross, Bremen and Lübeck
Military Cross of Merit, Principality of Lippe
Military Merit Cross (Austria) III. Class
Honour Cross for Combatants
Wehrmacht Long Service Award
Clasp for Iron Cross
2nd Class
1st Class
Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross 27 October 193

II. Armeekorps
Takes command on 10 November 1938
Ends command on 30 May 1940

9. Armee
Takes command on 30 May 1940
Ends command on 14 January 1942

Personal Information:

Adolf Strauß was born on 6 September 1879 in Scharmeke, Oschersleben, Germany and was a serving member of the Wehrmacht, Heer during the Second World War and managed to attain the rank of Generaloberst and went on to command the following II. Armeekorps and 9. Armee

Adolf Strauß joined the Kaiserliche Heer as a cadet on 15 March 1898. After serving various roles throughout the First World War, Adolf Strauß was retained in the Reichsheer. And on 1 December 1934 Adolf Strauß was promoted to the rank of Generalmajor.

And as commanding officer of the II. Armeekorps (2nd Army Corps), Adolf Strauß took part in the German Invasion of Poland. Adolf Strauß was given command of the 9. Armee (9th Army) which was stationed in France on 30 May 1940.

Adolf Strauß also participated in operation Barbarossa the German invasion of Soviet Russia with Heeresgruppe Mitte (Army Group Centre).

From the 16 January 1943 Adolf Strauß had to step down from command of the 9. Armee (9th Army) due to his deteriorating health. After Adolf Strauß had fully recovered he was given command of the Fortified Eastern area.

After the Second World War Adolf Strauß was held in British captivity until being released in May 1949. Adolf Strauß died on 20 March 1973 in Lübeck, Germany.


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