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Alfred Schulze-Hinrichs


Branch: Reichsmarine / Kriegsmarine
Born: 6 November 1899 in Leipzig, Germany.
Died: 23 June 1972 in Waldshut-Tiengen, Germany.

Kapitän zur See
Oberleutnant zur See
Leutnant zur See
Oberfähnrich zur See
Fähnrich zur See

Wehrmacht Long Service Award 2 October 1936
Iron Cross 1939
2nd Class 11 January 1940
1st Class 11 February 1940
Destroyer War Badge 19 October 1940
Narvik Shield 10 November 1940
German Cross in Gold 21 Januray 1942
Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross 15 June 1943
Lappland Shield 20 July 1945

Takes command on October 1930
Ends command on September 1932

Takes command on September 1932
Ends command on July 1933

Takes command on July 1933
Ends command on September 1933

Takes command on August 1939
Ends command on April 1940

Personal Information:

Alfred Schulze-Hinrichs was born on 6 November 1899 in Leipzig, Germany and was a serving member of the Kriegsmarine during World War II and managed to attain the rank of Kapitän zur See and went on to command the following Albatros, Seeadler, Leopard and Z13.

During the 1940 Norwegian Campaign Alfred Schulze-Hinrichs was captured at Narvik after the sinking of his destroyer Erich Koellner (Z13). Alfred Schulze-Hinrichs was incarcerated by the Norwegians, initially at Vardøhus Fortress in Finnmark and afterward at Skorpa POW camp in Troms until released at the conclusion of that campaign in June 1940.

Alfred Schulze-Hinrichs from November 1940 until April 1943 was in commanded the 6th Destroyer Flotilla, acting in Norway and Arctic waters. On 1 May 1942, during an engagement against QP-11 convoy, his destroyer Hermann Schoemann (Z7) was severely damaged and had to be scuttled the next day. However the attack also resulted in the sinking of HMS Edinburgh on 2 May 1942.


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