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Walter Thiel


Branch: Civilian
Born: 3 March 1910 in Breslau, Poland.
Died: 18 August 1943 in Karlshagen, Germany.

Kummersdorf 1936


Personal Information:

Dipl.-Ing. Walter Thiel was a German rocket scientist during World War II. Walter Thiel was the second son of Mr and Mrs Oscar and Elsa Thiel. After finishing school in Breslau Walter then went on to further his education at the technical University of Wroclaw and in 1933, left after receiving his diplomas in chemical engineering, he then went on to Humboldt University in Berlin where in 1934 were he attained this doctorate. The army ordnance department recruited him directly from the University.
In 1936 Walter Thiel had to complete his military service during this time he was trained as a radio operator later in the year he was recruited by Walter Robert Dornberger to work on the liquid fuelled rocket motor at Kummersdorf in Berlin, Walter soon became head of his department, and it was not long before he met
Wernher von Braun
Walter Thiel was instrumental in helping design components for the V-2 rocket engine, which was later to wreak havoc, as well as the rocket motor for the EMW Wasserfall (Waterfall) surface-to-air missile
Sometime in August 1943 Walter Thiel declared that the A-4 developmental problems prevent mass production and suggested that the project be cancelled. However, Walter Thiel was killed by a heavy bombing raid on Peenemünde called operation Hydra. Dipl.-Ing. Martin Schilling replaced Walter Thiel.


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