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Walter Warzecha

Walter Warzecha


Branch: Kriegsmarine
Born: 23 May 1891 in Schwiebus, near Brandenburg, Germany.
Died: 30 August 1956 in Hamburg, Germany.

Generaladmiral 1 March 1944
Admiral 1 April 1942
Vizeadmiral 1 January 1941
Konteradmiral 1 November 1938
Kapitän zur See 1 October 1934
Korvettenkapitän 1 January 1928
Kapitänleutnant 21 January 1920
Oberleutnant zur See 2 May 1915
Leutnant zur See 19 September 1912
Oberfähnrich zur See
Fähnrich zur See 12 April 1910

Iron Cross with clasp
1st class
2nd class
German Cross in Silver 30 January 1943
Knight's Cross of the War Merit Cross with Swords 25 January 1945

Takes command on 18 March 1917
Ends command on 1 June 1917

Takes command on 29 January 1918
Ends command on 13 August 1918

Takes command on 19 September 1918
Ends command on 11 November 1918

Admiral Graf Spee
Takes command on 2 October 1937
Ends command on 1 November 1938

Personal Information:

Walter Warzecha was born on 23 May 1891 in Schwiebus, near Brandenburg, Germany and was a serving member of the Kriegsmarine during World War II and managed to attain the rank of Generaladmiral and went on to command the following UC-1, UC-71, UB-148 and Admiral Graf Spee.

On 1 April 1909 Walter Warzecha joined the Kaiserliche Marine as a Seekadett. Walter Warzecha first post was aboard the heavy cruiser Victoria Louise were he was promoted to Fähnrich zur See in April 1910. Between 1911 and 1916 he served on the pre-dreadnought battleship Nassau, and there was promoted to the rank of Leutnant zur See in September 1912, and then to Oberleutnant zur See on 2 May 1915.

In August 1916 till the conclusion of the First World War he served as the commandant of various U-boats, UC-1, UC-71 and UB-148, and sank 9 ships amounting to 22,612 GRT, and damaged 10 more for a total of 55,808 GRT.

After the war Walter Warzecha settled down in Wilhelmshaven and then Kiel, where he began a family and became a father of 4. Following the remilitarisation of Germany Walter Warzecha went back to active duty within the Marinestation der Nordsee, with the rank of Kapitänleutnant from 1920. Promotion to Korvettenkapitän followed in 1928 and then to Fregattenkapitän in 1933. In 1934 Walter Warzecha became Chief of Staff of the Marinestation der Ostsee in the Baltic. Walter Warzecha served as the commandant of the pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee between October 1937 and October 1938.

On 1 November 1938 Walter Warzecha was promoted to the rank of Konteradmiral and moved to a staff position in Berlin at the Chief of the Naval Defence Office (Oberkommando der Marine, serving as Chef des Marinewehramtes) until August 1942, gaining promotion to Vizeadmiral on 1 January 1941, and also serving as Chief of General Navy Headquarters (Chef des Allgemeinen Marinehauptamtes) between November 1939 and April 1944. On 1 March 1944 Walter Warzecha was promoted to the rank of Generaladmiral and on 1 May was appointed Chief of the Navy (Chef der Kriegsmarinewehr).

At the conclusion of the Second World War, and the suicide of the commander-in-chief Hans-Georg von Friedeburg on 23 May 1945, Walter Warzecha took over the responsibilities of the Commander-in-Chief under Allied control, and managed the Kriegsmarine's breakup until 22 July 1945.

Walter Warzecha was held captive as a POW until 1947, Walter Warzecha then relocated to Hamburg where he worked for the Allianz-Versicherungsgesellschaft insurance firm. Walter Warzecha passed away of a heart attack on 30 August 1956 and is buried in Hamburg, Germany.

Walter Warzecha was given the command of U-boat UC-1 on 18 March 1917 and remained in command until 1 June 1917, he was then transferred to the U-boat UC-71 on 29 January 1918 until 13 August 1918 he was then transferred again to the U-boat UB-148 on 19 September 1918 until the 11th of November 1918, a number of years later Walter Warzecha was given command of the pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee on 2 October 1937 until 1 November 1938.


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